About the Mentoring Works Mentoring Portal

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Hi, I’m Ann Rolfe

My background is in adult learning and career development. I have specialised in mentoring for two decades.

The insight I’ve gained working with hundreds of organisations, training people in mentoring, has allowed me to produce the online resources your participants need.

I have distilled the essence of many workshops, presentations and webinars into a growing library of short, on-demand videos.

Emailed tips and prompts will keep them on track and I will personally guide them on their mentoring journey with live interaction online.

You  can explore the demo Mentoring Portal I’ve set up here. You’ll be able to join and experience all the Mentoring Portal features from a participant perspective.

More About the Mentoring Portal

Imagine, an easy, cost effective program of support for mentors and mentorees.

What would it be like if mentors and mentorees had:

  • 24/7 access to resources and activities
  • Networking opportunities
  • Ongoing two-way communication and
  • Expert personal assistance and follow-up?

And what if you didn’t have to do it all yourself?

You don’t have to do all the work!

The Mentoring Works Mentoring Portal has everything your participants need:

  1. A Resource Centre with video tutorials and worksheets
  2. A program of regular emails to prompt action
  3. Emailed mentoring tips
  4. A private online community where they can connect and network
  5. A forum to ask questions
  6. A mentoring blog, and
  7. support from me

I will answer their questions, provide guidance and interact with you too to, help you create much more with your mentoring.

If this sounds like something you can use call +61 2 4342 2610 or email ann@mentoring-works.com now to set up a time to talk.

If you imagine a mentoring portal is only for big programs it’s not!

A not-for-profit organisation with just 20 pairs found the Mentoring Works Mentoring Portal was within their budget.

The mentoring portal is designed to be cost-effective for smaller programs of 20 – 100 pairs, larger numbers simply mean greater economies of scale.

If you’re thinking a mentoring portal is out of your reach financially, it’s not!

The price is from AUD$15,000 for 12 months (and less each year you continue after the set up year).

Read on to see what great value you get for your money.

Since 2009, I have set up and run private online spaces to support mentoring programs in government agencies and the private sector.

A mentoring portal:

  • Supports participants with mentoring and career development resources
  • Provides information, discussion forums and answers to questions
  • Enables connection and networking with other participants and program facilitators
  • Facilitates a twelve-month program of activities

The mentoring portal is a private, password-protected website that features:

  1. An online community that connects participants and gives them their own profile page, private message facility, discussion forums and a mentoring program blog.
  2. Ongoing access to me for mentoring advice, guidance or answers to questions
  3. A Resource Centre where participants have 24/7 access to articles, online tutorials and videos
  4. Automated emailed Mentoring Tips
  5. Regular emailed prompts to action such as accessing the website, contacting their mentoring partner or viewing tutorials.

A mentoring portal ensures that participants feel connected, actively involved and supported, regardless of their location. It improves interaction and networking by mentors and mentorees and increases their productive use of technology.

Below is an example of a mentoring portal I developed recently. Yours can be personalised with colours, logos and themes to suit.

You  can explore the demo Mentoring Portal I’ve set up here. You’ll be able to join and experience all the Mentoring Portal features from a participant perspective.

Mentoring portal Demo

You can experience and explore the features of the Mentoring Portal demo site here.

What’s in The Resource Centre?

The mentoring program resource centre is an online library that contains articles, videos, mentoring tutorials and a self-paced career-planning course.


These audio-visual recordings are useful for promoting the mentoring concept and introducing basics. They are short (one to five minutes). Here are the titles:

Mentoring – Much More Than a Myth

Conversations That Create Insight

What Mentoring Can Do For You

Benefits For Mentors

How To Mentor 

How To Approach A Mentor

View samples here.


These are short articles (about a page) of interest to mentors and mentorees:

Making Time For Mentoring

The Courage of Mentoring

Becoming Aware – Mentoring and Critical Thinking

More on Critical Thinking

Mentoring and Positivity

Memories and Mentoring


The online mentoring tutorials are short videos (10-15 minutes).

Getting Started – Mentorees

Where to Start – Mentors

Principles For Excellent Mentoring

Making Mentoring Work – Midpoint Review

Where To From Here – Final Review

View samples here use the password SAMPLE

Career Planning Course – Tools For Mentoring

This self-paced career-planning course is made up of nine short (10-15 minute) videos and worksheets. Mentors view them to prepare to lead a conversation on the topic. Mentorees do the activities before meeting with their mentor to discuss them. Participants are prompted to use these tools in the regular emails but can access them anytime.

Titles in the series:

Holistic Goal Setting

Insights for goal setting

Personal strategic planning

Personal Values

Three Dimensions of Career Satisfaction

Discovering Strengths and Opportunities

How To Win The Job You Want (1) Selection, Criteria and Groundwork

How To Win The Job You Want (2) Job Applications and Resumés

How To Win The Job You Want (3) Interviews and the STAR

View samples here use the password SAMPLE

Your Mentoring Portal

To set up your exclusive mentoring portal we:

  1. Obtain the domain name, hosting and platform
  2. Consult with you regarding design, colours, logos etc. for the website
  3. Set up the resource centre
  4. Write the regular emails that will go out to participants
  5. Upload participant names and email addresses provided by you (Excel spreadsheet)
  6. Invite participants to join and provide any assistance required
  7. Administer the website, blog regularly, monitor and respond to questions, forums etc.
  8. Measure the use of the portal and resources and report as required


Mentoring Portal set-up, domain name, hosting, twelve-months management and engagement activities, resource centre and emails (everything described above) for up to 50 people $15,000.00

Each year thereafter $10,000.00

Additional participants each: $50.00

A support program means people get much more from mentoring. A mentoring Works Mentoring Portal is a proven and cost-effective way to provide what your participants need.

Call me +61 2 4342 2610 or email now to set up a time to talk.

Ann Rolfe

Founder, Mentoring Works