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Do You Want to Get Out of Your Bubble?

  We all live inside a bubble. Our own world view, attitudes, values, assumptions, beliefs, self-image and perspective on life. Our bubble filters what we see, what we hear, what we think and how we feel. We reinforce it when we’re around people like us. We enjoy the echo chamber of opinions like our own. […]

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7 Fun Facts to Strengthen Your Mentoring Program

Here are 7 Fun Facts about the Eiffel Tower and how you can use them to strengthen your mentoring program:   1.The base pillars are oriented to the four points of the compass. The base pillars of a mentoring program are: Planning your program, Promoting it, Preparing your participants and having a Program of support. […]

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Retention – Are we asking the wrong questions?

  Stephen Covey said: “If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster.” The “right wall” being a metaphor for our most important goal.   In a recent group mentoring session, we were discussing a question one of us had raised. We […]

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Career Agility in the 21st Century

  We are 17 years into the 21st century and the waves of change keep coming, huge and powerful. We have to ride them, or drown in uncertainty. As managers and mentors we need to lead by example to show other people how to develop and manage careers.   Technological, economic, environmental, political, and social […]

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Graduate Mentoring – When the honeymoon is over

    When new employees join your organisation they are enthusiastic, keen to engage and looking forward to developing their career with you. The honeymoon period lasts six months.   Graduates, having survived a rigorous recruitment and selection process, welcomed with “on-boarding” attention and often supported with a Graduate Program of development activities and mentoring, […]

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Culture Starts With You

When I was a small child, I often heard the phrase “little pitchers have big ears”. I instinctively knew to prick my ears up, because the grown-ups were talking about things they didn’t want me to know about and using this old phrase (it refers to jugs and their handles) as code to remind each […]

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Will it be Your Servant or Will You be the Slave?

I’m not talking about technology, even though the lure of a glowing screen is as addictive as sugar and can be just as deadly. I’m talking about something potentially even more insidious!   I was alarmed, after a workshop I ran on life/work balance, goals and achievement, to read one participant’s comment on the feedback […]

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The Power of a Single Word

A new year and a new start! A great time to set goals and make plans, but have you set too many?   The problem with goal setting and planning is that we are often too optimistic about what we can actually achieve in the time available. We set too many goals!   My daily […]

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Start your goal setting with “The Dartboard”

Holistic goal setting is an approach that takes into account all the important areas of your life and allows you to make balance and integrity a feature of how you live. Download the exercise here: dartboard The Dartboard exercise is powerful. Take your time, work in pencil and begin to design the next year of your […]

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Curious Minds Mentoring for girls in STEM

Curious Minds Mentor, Megan Sebben interviewed on ABC News Breakfast. This initiative is funded by the Australian Government and administered by the Australian Maths Trust and Australian Science Innovation. ASI is seeking mentors in DigIT, a similar program for boys and girls. If you are an enthusiastic person with an information communication technology background take […]

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