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Michael Asks: How do I convince mentees that contacting their mentor is not ‘bothering them’?

Answer: Provide evidence from mentors that they enjoy, value and welcome contact. If mentees are told, clearly and unequivocally that contact is welcome, expected and their responsibility, they will do it. It may come as a surprise to those mentored that mentors do, in fact, get something out of mentoring. Your job is to act […]

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Donna asks: How do I ensure mentees remain committed?

Answer: Talk to them often. Two-way communication keeps people engaged. If they are ignored they easily fade away. Have personal contact with each participant as well as mass communication with all participants. Find out what’s going well and what’s not. Be there for them and provide assistance where needed. Use all available mechanisms to deliver […]

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Paul Asks: How do I get managers to give mentoring a priority in their busy work schedule?

Answer: Ensure the CEO communicates that mentoring is a priority.  While CEO’s remain committed and communicate their expectations, managers get the message.   You will have to reinforce your CEO’s commitment by constantly providing evidence of both the need for and the  positive results of mentoring. You’ll also have to ensure his/her desire for manager involvement gets airplay.    You will have […]

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Kylie Asks: How do I ensure a workable match between mentor and mentee?

Answer: Train both in relationship skills    It is skill, the ability to relate and communicate, not “chemistry” personality or technical expertise that makes  mentoring work.    Help both parties understand that the mentoring process is about using decision-making, problem-solving or goal-setting and action planning techniques. Build their skills in these techniques and mentoring will work.    Run workshops to explore […]

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Claire asks: How I’m able to get participants who are willing to participate in training?

Answer: Select volunteers who have something personally to gain. People who opt in and believe it has value are enthusiastic about committing time.    Like employee recruitment, a mentoring program needs a nomination and selection process that allows you to attract and choose the best candidates.  Have a process for sensitive management of those not selected. […]

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David asks: How do I get senior management buy in?

Answer: Get your Chief Executive Officer’s imprimatur.  Written approval supported by words, actions and dollars.  Senior managers take their direction from the top. If the CEO is on-board, and they know it, they’ll fall in line. Make sure your business case has sign-off from the CEO and that you have active support from him or […]

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Gary asks: How do I make my program a success?

Answer:  Thoroughly pre-plan your program Most obstacles to success can be identified and avoided with some forethought. Define “success” in terms of specific outcomes and develop a detailed plan to achieve them,  Identify potential problem areas and determine how to prevent or deal with them.   Decide what, how and when actions will be taken. […]

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Amanda asks: How do I get the budget I need to adequately resource a mentoring program?

Thank you for your question Amanda!  And it’s a good one. Answer:  Create a compelling business case for mentoring. Organisations need to show a return on investment.  If spending money this way will improve the bottom line, they’ll fund the program. Show sound business reasons that convince decision makers that spending this money will help […]

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Support Your Mentoring Program

Coventional wisdom states that any new initiative in your organisation needs support from the top. This is certainly true for your mentoring program but top down support is not enough. You will need to gain and maintain support throughout the organisation, including: * The CEO;* Senior Executives;* Middle Managers;* Potential Mentors and Mentorees;* Supervisors of […]

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Thank you for visiting this blog. Perhaps you are in an informal mentoring relationship. Maybe you are part of a structured program. Either way you will find here the opportunity to air any concerns and obtain feedback from your peers and draw on the knowledge I have gained in the last ten years of working […]

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