e-Course Ten Keys To Excellence

Mentoring Strategy – Ten Keys To Excellence

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“Excellence is the unlimited ability to improve the quality of what you have to offer.”

Rick Pitino, American basketball coach

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Whether you are starting mentoring for the first time or evaluating an existing program these ten keys to excellence allow you to produce better outcomes:

  1. A value proposition that gains support from all stakeholders
  2. Clearly defined purpose and goals based on identified needs
  3. Program components and infrastructure to achieve the objectives
  4. An implementation plan that specifies actions and a realistic timeline
  5. Program management
  6. Defined roles and responsibilities of participants
  7. Participant engagement blueprint
  8. Communication strategies
  9. Evaluation matrix
  10. Sustainability program to realise enduring benefits

Is This For You?

The course is designed for people who are:

  • Planning to introduce mentoring into their organization and want to make sure it works;
  • Reviewing their mentoring strategy against leading edge practices;
  • Happy with what they’ve achieved so far with mentoring but need more tangible ways to capitalize on the value mentoring offers individuals and organisations.

What You’ll Learn

The design model I’m going to share with you was used to develop the mentoring program that was awarded the LearnX Asia Pacific Platinum Award for Best Coaching/Mentor Training Program 2011.

I will introduce you to the core elements of planning a mentoring strategy, promoting the mentoring concept, preparing people for effective mentoring and program support.

Why Me?

My background is in adult learning and career development. For the last sixteen years I have specialized in one thing – mentoring.

I’ve worked with hundreds of organisations, setting up programs and training people in fields as diverse as health, construction, energy, communications, education, law and government.

For the last seven years my course on designing mentoring programs has been delivered as a pre-conference workshop for delegates at the International Mentoring Association conference and received rave reviews. People from all around the world attend my webinars to learn the secrets of successful mentoring.

Now, I’m taking my courses online so that anyone, at any time can access the information needed to make their mentoring first class.

How Does It Work?

This free course will come to you in a series of short emails. They will present ideas and suggest actions that you can take to get better outcomes from mentoring. There will be links to the models I use and other resources that you can access within the Mentoring Network (which is also free to join).

You will receive one email each day for twelve days. These will take only a few minutes to read but I suggest you allow yourself some time for reflection and to note your own ideas and actions.

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