Mentoring Mindset Skills and Tools

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Mentoring Mindset, Skills and Tools 10th Anniversary Edition

Everything you need to know and do to make mentoring work!

In this book you’ll discover:

  • What mentoring is and isn’t and the differences between mentoring and coaching 
  • Mentor and mentee roles and responsibilities
  • A framework for the mentoring process
  • How to start, maintain and end an effective mentoring relationship
  • What to do to build trust and rapport
  • Ways to lead learning and strengths-based development
  • Practical tips, guides, activities and templates

Product Description

Mentoring Mindset, Skills and Tools is written for both for mentors and mentees, so you can literally be on the same page. It is based on decades of experience and explains the essential ingredients of mentoring conversations and relationships that work.

Part I Mentoring Defined

1. Why Be or Have a Mentor

2. Mentoring Defined

3. Mentoring Roles and Responsibilities

4. Mentoring and Learning

Part II The Mentoring Process

5. A Mentoring Conversation

6. Be Slow to Offer Advice

7. Discovering Values

8. On Goals

Part III Mentoring Mindset

9. Mentoring Mindset

10. Strengths-based Development

11. Communication Styles for Mentoring

Part IV Skills

12. Build Trust

13. Listen Well

14. The Art of Questioning

15. Giving and Receiving Feedback

Part V Mentoring Tools and Guides

20 activities, tools and guides used in Mentoring Works trainings for mentors and mentees:

  1. Quick Tips for Managing Mentoring
  2. A Step-by-step Guide
  3. A Mentoring Plan
  4. Structure the Mentoring Meeting
  5. Pre/Post Meeting Checklist
  6. A Guide to Roles and Responsibilities
  7. The Mentoring Code
  8. Activity: Expectations
  9. Template: Mentoring Agreement
  10. Activity: Dartboard
  11. Activity: The Clock
  12. Activity: Values Discovery
  13. Strengths Discovery Tools
  14. Guide to Setting and Achieving Goals
  15. Simple Steps to Problem Solving
  16. Ten Things to do With a Mentor
  17. What to Talk About When There’s Nothing to Talk About
  18. Sample Questions
  19. Evaluate Your Mentoring Relationship
  20. Where to From Here?

These proven techniques have been used in mentoring for professionals, graduates and students in health, construction, energy, communications, education, law and government.

Author, Ann Rolfe has spoken international conferences in Australia, Canada, China, The Philippines, Singapore and USA. Her regular webinars attract participants from around the world.  

This is a practical, easy to read book. Get your copy now!

Purchase: Hardcover, Paperback, ebook