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The Mentoring Network Online is a free community and resource centre for people who lead mentoring programs and you can join for free.

Are you:

  • Managing an in-house mentoring program?
  • Considering implementing mentoring?
  • Planning or reviewing your mentoring strategy?
  • Wanting practical information, tips, tools, resources and processes? Or,
  • Curious to tap into many years of practical experience and find out how to mentor for better outcomes?

Join here, it’s free!

You don’t have to start from scratch, reinvent the wheel, or do time consuming research to have a world-class mentoring program. Now, you can access leading edge information from experts and practitioners like yourself, and it’s free!

Over ten years ago, I founded The Mentoring Network so that my clients could meet, learn from one-another and participate in seminars that addressed their most important mentoring challenges.

Now we take the concept a step further. By opening it up to a global community, The Mentoring Network Online enables even more access to resources, solutions and people actively engaged in mentoring, than ever before. You can join here.

Within this members-only space, you will find practical information gained from extensive experience with mentoring programs. Now you can access this information and more:

  • e-books
  • checklists
  • articles
  • templates
  • webinars
  • podcasts
  • slidecasts
  • videos

On top of that, you get to talk to people with experience, ask questions, discuss issues and share ideas. It’s like a private Facebook but better because it’s exclusively dedicated to mentoring. You can connect with people like you, join or begin a discussion in the forums, find out what’s new, share your thoughts, keep up to date.

It’s never been more important to get the best ideas, proven techniques and practical information that will enable you to mentor for better outcomes. Join now.

How Does The Mentoring Network Online Work?

You simply sign up (it’s free) and set up a profile – just a few details, you can come back and change this later. We approve members, usually the next business day, to ensure that the community remains professional and aligned with its purpose. Then you are free to enjoy all of the resources, contacts and discussions.

Resource Centre

Here’s a sample of what is currently available:


  • Mentoring Demystified
  • The Role Of The Mentor
  • Recruiting Mentors
  • Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Mentoring Programs But Didn’t Know Whom To Ask


  1. Ten Reasons You Need A Mentor
  2. Five Reasons You Need A Mentoring Program
  3. Seven Fatal Flaws Of Mentoring Programs And How To Avoid Them
  4. Mentoring – Making A Business Case
  5. Coaching and Mentoring – What’s The Difference?
  6. Mentoring Away Of Managing Informal Communication In Your Workplace
  7. Mentoring – Five Top Tips For Getting What You Want
  8. Mentoring Etiquette – Professional Courtesy
  9. Mentoring Makes Sense
  10. Mentoring – Support Is Essential
  11. Mentoring – The Power of Feedback Without Judgment
  12. Mentoring – Why Managers Fear It!

Slides You Can Use:

  • The Mentoring Model
  • The Mentoring Process
  • The Mentoring Conversation
  • A Mentor’s Role

Tools and Templates:

  • Mentoring Guidelines
  • Newsletter Template
  • Critical Success Factors
  • Design Checklist
  • Coordinators’ Checklist


You’ll be invited to – live, interactive, online seminars. Previous webinars include:

  • How To Train Mentors
  • The Role Of The Mentor
  • Evaluating Mentoring Programs
  • Planning Your Mentoring Program
  • Getting The Mentoring Message Across
  • Run an In-house Mentoring Program – Yes, You Can!
  • Aims Of Mentoring


  • Planning Mentoring – 15 Questions
  • Seven Steps To A Successful Mentoring program
  •  A Minute On Mentoring (series)
    1. Conversations That Create Insight
    2. What Mentoring Can Do For You
    3. Benefits Of Mentoring
    4. How To Mentor
    5. What To Look For In A Mentor
    6. How To Approach A mentor


  • The Power Of Mentoring
  • Planning A Mentoring Program
  • Get strategic!
  • Mentor – Not Their Personal Google!
  • How Do You Know Mentoring Works?
  • Synergy
  • Mentoring – Return On Investment
  • Recruiting Mentors
  • What Motivates Mentors?
  • Who Mentors The Mentor?

You’ll enjoy gaining knowledge and expertise, connecting with others who share your interest in mentoring and the ease and convenience of answers at your finger tips

Nowhere else will you find this level of high-quality information, ideas and practical assistance for mentoring programs absolutely free! So what are you waiting for? Join The Mentoring Network Online now!


Ann Rolfe

PS We will be continually adding to these invaluable resources because at Mentoring Works we are dedicated to mentoring for better outcomes.

PPS Feel free to invite colleagues with an interest in mentoring to join too.