I am convinced that every one of us has more talent than we know. There are ways to discover hidden talent and utilize untapped potential.

This is especially relevant if you:

  • Lead a team
  • Own or manage a business, or
  • Want personal, professional development for yourself

You know me best for my work in mentoring, designing and setting up programs, training mentors and mentees and providing resources to support mentoring relationships.

What you might not know is that I am a certified strengths coach here to assist you with your personal, professional development using the Clifton Strengths assessment.

Using the Clifton Strengths assessment,I work with individuals and teams to help people discover their strengths, develop them and use them to get better outcomes in their work and lives.

What I love about helping people develop their strengths is that:

  • Suddenly, people gain confidence because they see that they have many talents.
  • They realise they have more potential than they imagined and
  • They start to feel very positive about developing and using strengths in life and at work.

What would you like to do next?

  1. Learn more about strengths development for yourself or your team? email me: ann@mentoring-works.com or call 02 6566 6823
  2. Take the online CliftonStrengths assessment? email me: ann@mentoring-works.com
  3. Receive my complimentary ebook How to Lift Team Productivity and articles about talents and strengths from MyStrengthsMentor