Master Class ebooks


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The content of each Master Class in a convenient format for your personal use. Read on-screen or print 1 copy.

12 Master Class ebooks


  1. Why Master Mentoring?
  2. Build Trust
  3. A Structure for Mentoring Conversations
  4. How do you Find the Time to Mentor?
  5. How Mentors Leverage Mentoring
  6. Critical, Creative and Reflective Listening
  7. Listen Well
  8. Good Question
  9. Goal Getting
  10. Hidden Talent
  11. Mastering Motivation
  12. Strengths-based Development






About Ann Rolfe

Ann Rolfe is internationally recognised as Australia's leading specialist in mentoring, and is available for speaking, training and consulting. Here Ann shares her knowledge and allows you to ask your most pressing questions about mentoring.

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