Fast Track Your Mentoring Program – 27 webinars, 6 ebooks plus the manual How To Design and Run Your Own Mentoring Program


Especially suited to those given the task of organising the Mentoring Program in their organisation.

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Mentoring is a proven strategy for attracting, retaining and developing people. However, just appointing a mentor for them can do more harm than good. An effective mentoring program needs to be planned.

So, here’s a chance to benefit from a very special offer, to help you fast track your planning.

Our webinars are very popular and cover a lot of ground in a short time, so I record them. For some I’ve also put together a concise written version of the topic along with the images in the slides as a ebook. Others have a comprehensive handout, worksheet or checklist.

Each webinar recording and ebook can be purchased separately see them here. Link to webinar recordings Page

But for the best value I’ve created the Fast Track Planning Pack

This package will fast-track your planning because it includes the manual, How to Design and Run Your Own Mentoring Program, which is based on my 20 years experience in developing mentoring strategy, plus, access to 26 webinar recordings and 6 ebooks.


Here are the titles:

  1. Run An In-House Mentoring Program – Yes You Can!
  2. The Role of the Mentor + eBook
  3. 7 Steps to a Successful Mentoring Program
  4. Planning Your Mentoring Program
  5. Aims of Mentoring Programs Q&A Webinar
  6. How to Get the Mentoring Message Across + eBook
  7. Recruiting Mentors + eBook
  8. How To Match Mentors and Mentorees + eBook
  9. How to Train Mentors and Mentorees
  10. Evaluating Mentoring + eBook
  11. Mentoring – Maintaining Momentum
  12. Is Your Mentoring In Danger Of Fizzling Out? + eBook
  13. Mentoring Best Practice – 10 Keys to Excellence
  14. Mentoring and Coaching – What’s The Difference?
  15. How To Use Free Online Tools For Mentoring
  16. How To Evaluate Mentoring
  17. 7 Fatal Flaws of Mentoring Programs and How to Avoid Them!
  18. How To Ensure Mentoring Meets Their Needs
  19. How To Make Your Business Case For Mentoring Works
  20. Manager As Mentor
  21. 21st Century Shifts in Workplace Learning – Your Role on the Leading Edge
  22. Are You Using Mentoring in Your 70/20/10 Strategy?
  23. Mentoring – an Essential Leadership Skill
  24. What’s Going On With Engagement? Why it’s not working and how mentors and managers can turn it around
  25. Mentoring With Safety
  26. Creating Safe Spaces
  27. eMentoring – creating connections and community online


Bonus! All Mentoring Works webinars recorded in 2017 will be added to your Fast Track Pack, so your investment grows in value!

Each webinar recording sells for $10.00 those with an ebook are $20.00. The manual, How to Design and Run Your Own Mentoring Program is $55 as an ebook. So normally you’d pay over $385.00 for the lot, but this month only, you can have the Fast Track Planning Pack for just AUD$99.00



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Ann Rolfe is internationally recognised as Australia's leading specialist in mentoring, and is available for speaking, training and consulting. Here Ann shares her knowledge and allows you to ask your most pressing questions about mentoring.

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