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Written for both mentors and mentorees, Mentoring Mindset, Skills and Tools, explains the essential ingredients of conversations and relationships that work.



Mentoring has changed! Enter a new generation of possibilities ….

If you are involved in mentoring, either personally as a mentor or mentoree, or as a person responsible for making mentoring happen in your organisation, then you’ll want

Mentoring Mindset, Skills and Tools

Mindset – beyond the techniques, a manifesto that makes mentoring work;

Skills – essential abilities that both mentor and mentoree need; and

Tools – guides so people know what to do and how to do it.


The only Australian book written for mentors and mentorees, so you can literally be on the same page.

Contains activities used in workshops.

Templates that can be reproduced for personal use.

Proven models and practical guides



Mentoring Mindset, Skills and Tools explains the essential ingredients of mentoring conversations and relationships that work, including:

  • How to benefit from mentoring, whether you are a mentor or mentoree;
  • Different types of mentoring and the similarities and differences between mentoring and coaching;
  • Roles and responsibilities of a mentor and mentoree;
  • Models and processes that provide a framework for mentoring;
  • Dozens of sample questions and conversation starters;
  • Practical tools and templates to use in mentoring; and most importantly,
  • The mindset – attitudes and values that make mentoring enjoyable and productive.

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