Mentoring Works Training Videos Series 1 Individual

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Mentoring Works founder, Ann Rolfe has distilled the essentials of mentoring into short, succinct videos.

Individual, Single Use gives you personal online viewing of all 6 videos for 3 months, 2 bonus video Mentoring Master Classes and your choice of bonus complimentary videos.

Multiple user rate of $47 per person available. Call (02) 4342 2610 (in Australia) or email: ann@mentoring-works.com

  1. What Is Mentoring?
  2. A Framework For Mentoring
  3. The Mentoring Conversation
  4. Good Listening
  5. Questions Are the answer
  6. Guidelines For A Great Start


Individual Personal Use – access for 3 months



Give your program participants online viewing of all videos @ AUD$47 per person (minimum 20). To order call Ann Rolfe (02) 4342 2610 (in Australia) or email: ann@mentoring-works.com


Mentoring Works Video Series 1


1. What Is Mentoring? (6 minutes)

Describes mentoring, its key features and uses.

2. A Framework For Mentoring (4 minutes)

Provides a solid foundation on which to build your mentoring relationship, talks about the dynamic nature of mentoring and the roles mentors fulfill

3. The Mentoring Conversation (5 minutes)

Introduces the mentoring model based on adult learning, 4 questions that make mentoring work and two communication styles that work together to make a mentoring conversation effective

4. Good Listening (6 minutes)

How the brain gets in the way of good listening, two types of listening and tips for being a better listener

5. Questions Are The Answer! (3 minutes)

The number one obstacle to an effective mentoring relationship, Kipling’s questions that teach us all we know and 3 top techniques for asking them.

6. Guidelines For A Great Start (8 minutes)

Phases in a mentoring relationship, techniques for getting started and tips to keep the ball rolling once you have.


Bonus Mentoring Master Classes


Hidden Talent (11 minutes)

Our future depends on discovering and developing potential, mentors (and managers) can learn how to unearth hidden talent and what it takes to develop it into strengths.

Giving and Receiving Feedback (15 minutes)

There’s a link between positive feedback and engagement. How you can support people to get better outcomes by giving affirming and corrective feedback.


Bonus Complimentary Videos

When you purchase any Mentoring Works video you can choose any of our 11 complimentary videos to use as well. These are useful to promote your program, attract participants and educate staff. The top rating titles are:

What Does Mentoring Offer (2 minutes, music – no narration)

Quickly outlines more than 30 benefits of mentoring.

Mentoring Much More Than a Myth (5 minutes, narrated)

Where did the word mentoring originate? How is mentoring used in the workplace?

5 Reasons Mentoring relationships Fail – an how to make sure yours doesn’t (3 minutes, music – no narration)

Common things that go wrong and the 5 steps you can take to set yourself up for success.



About Ann Rolfe

Ann Rolfe is internationally recognised as Australia's leading specialist in mentoring, and is available for speaking, training and consulting. Here Ann shares her knowledge and allows you to ask your most pressing questions about mentoring.

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