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Reading an ebook is the quickest way to get up to speed on an important topic, prompt deep thinking and personal action planning. You get practical tips and suggestions for best practice.


ebooks are concise and designed to read on screen, but you can print a copy for your personal use.

And, if you want full use of the materials, including an intellectual property (IP) license for multiple copies of the ebook, video tutorials and worksheets email me for details: ann@mentoring-works.com
The following ebooks are currently available:


Good Question

Learn how to:


  • Make people think deeply
  • Help clarify thoughts, feelings and motivation
  • Empower and facilitate insight


Naturally, it’s not just what you ask, but how you ask. So this ebook provides tools and techniques for asking as well as the questions themselves.


Purchase both Good Question and Listen Well 2 ebooks for AUD$30.00



Listen Well

The cost of not listening well is high. It undermines communication, productivity and relationships, but there’s lots you can do to improve!


This ebook details:


Why listening is hard

What does it take to really hear?

Improve your skills in 28 days (or less)



Purchase Listen Well for your personal use and you’ll receive 2 bonus ebooks:


Flip the Switch to Trust

The Role of the Mentor


All 3 ebooks for just AUD$20.00


A Structure for Mentoring Conversations

Managers don’t have time to waste, so their mentoring conversations must: focus on goals, build capability and produce results


This book equips you to use:


4 Core Questions

5 Practical Applications

Mentoring Moments



Purchase A Structure for Mentoring Conversations and receive these bonus ebooks:

How to Lift Team Productivity

Mentoring an Essential Leadership Skill

All 3 ebooks for just AUD$20.00

Critical, Creative and Reflective Thinking

Stresses like non-stop meetings, unrelenting emails and 24/7 screen time may reduce our ability to self-regulate or think deeply.


Whatever the causes, mentors have the opportunity – and perhaps the duty – to reverse this disturbing trend.

This ebook describes how mentors can:

Lead reflective conversations

Stimulate thinking and better judgment

Build a learning mindset for a multi-career future




Purchase Critical, Creative and Reflective Thinking and receive these bonus ebooks:

Mentoring – Where to Start

The Role of the Mentor

All 3 ebooks for just AUD$20.00




Build Trust

Every relationship depends on trust. It doesn’t matter whether it is spouses or colleagues, a family or a team, the level of trust strongly influences success.

This ebook explains:

4 elements of trust

Ways to build mentee self-confidence

How mentors mentors can use social drivers to build safety




Purchase Build Trust and receive these bonus ebooks:

Flip the Switch to Trust

Using Your Brain for Better Relationships

All 3 ebooks for just AUD$20.00



How do You Find the Time to Mentor?

The most commonly cited obstacle to mentoring is lack of time. And who is not busy? At work and in life most of us are rushing from one activity to another in a frenzy of busyness. We live at a frenetic pace, in what’s become a 24/7 world. It’s time to crush that problem.

This ebook details:

3 experts’ views on current and future skills managers need

5 ways mentoring save you time

9 tips to make more time available without working harder


Purchase How do You Find the Time to Mentor? and receive these bonus ebooks:

Manager as Mentor

How to Get the Most from Mentoring or Mastermind Groups

All 3 ebooks for just AUD$20.00

Leading Learning in the Workplace

Good managers who mentor teach people to be effective learners. They model and facilitate reflection. They lead conversations that draw out learning and help people apply it in their work. They are effective at developing employees and this contributes to bottom-line results.

This ebook explains:

What’s missing in workplace learning

How mentoring adds to every aspect of 70, 20,10

Discretionary learning




Purchase Leading Learning in the Workplace and receive these bonus ebooks:

Mentoring – An Essential Leadership Skill

Learning Ladders

All 3 ebooks for just AUD$20.00