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There’s a huge demand for mentoring but we can’t leave the quality of mentoring to chance, hoping mentors do it well. Our 2019 Master Class series will help build the advanced skills and knowledgeto build mastery in mentoring.


Webinars run for up to one hour, starting at 10am Australian Eastern Standard Time (Sydney). Please Note: here in Australia we are up to 14 hours ahead of many parts of the world. In America, Canada and Europe it will be the day before those listed here. To check your local time, click “show in my time zone” on the registration page.  They are interactive and I’ll respond to your questions on the topic. You can attend the live webinar for free.

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Register 15 February    Why Master Mentoring

  • The difference mentoring can make in a multi-generational workplace
  • How to absolutely ACE mentoring, with advanced skills and
  • Hot topics that make an impact on work, relationships and life.

Register 15 March         Build Trust

  • Cost/benefits of trust
  • Behaviours and skills to build trust
  • Brain science for better relationships

Register 5 April              A Structure for Mentoring Conversations

  • 4 Core Questions
  • 5 Practical Applications
  • Mentoring Moments

Register 10 May            How Do You Find the Time to Mentor?

  • Shifting priorities
  • How mentoring saves time
  • Tips to make more time available – without working longer!

Register 14 June            How Mentors Leverage Learning

  • What’s missing in workplace learning
  • How mentoring adds value in 70, 20,10 learning
  • Best practice tips for mentors

Register 12 July             Critical, Creative and Reflective Thinking

  • Lead reflective conversations
  • Stimulate thinking and better judgment
  • Build a learning mindset for a multi-career future

Register 16 August        Listen Well

  • Why listening is hard
  • What does it take to really hear?
  • Improve your skills in 28 days (or less)

Register 13 Sept            Good Question!

  • Why questions are critical
  • Key Questions in a mentoring conversation
  • More you can do with questions
  • The art of asking

Register 18 October      Goal Getting

  • Map your goal
  • Apply 9 techniques shown to increase goal achievement
  • Learn a simple hack to keep your goals front-of-mind

Register 22 Nov             Hidden Talent

  • The high cost of wasted potential
  • Where to look for hidden talent
  • How to recognize talent, and
  • How to develop people’s potential

Register 13 December  Improving Performance with Feedback

  • Taking the fear out of feedback
  • Getting the ratio of positive and corrective feedback right
  • Giving feedback with the right frequency
  • Building a culture of trust by modelling seeking feedback

Your Presenter

Hi, I’m Ann Rolfe

I’ve been helping organizations design and implement mentoring programs since 1994. I have worked with mentors and those who are mentored in Australia and overseas. I have reviewed many mentoring programs and seen what works and what doesn’t.

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