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Scroll down to view our latest webinar recording: How to Make Great Matches

Founder of Mentoring Works, Ann Rolfe discusses:

  1. Three strategies for matching and the pros and cons of each
  2. Selection and matching criteria.
  3. How to manage the critical early stage so that partnerships work, and setting up exit strategies in case they don’t.

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Next Webinar:  eMentoring: Building Connections and Community Online 

9am AEST Friday 20 October 2017   

Note: Australia is up to 14 hours ahead of some countries, it may still be Thursday where you are.

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Join internationally acclaimed mentoring expert, and Mentoring Works founder, Ann Rolfe for our next interactive online webinar.

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Mentoring at a distance has never been easier, but there are still challenges.

Almost all mentoring now involves some use of technology to connect participants. Whether it’s simple email, text or a website, online communication is a vital tool.

Younger participants expect online interaction. If you are not maximizing online resources you may be limiting the effectiveness of your mentoring.

eMentoring does not have to involve big, expensive platforms that make you dependent on IT experts.

In this webinar, you’ll discover:

  1. Low-cost and no-cost ways to engage mentoring program participants
  2. What other successful mentoring programs do online
  3. Ways to educate participants at a distance



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free webinarsWebinar Schedule 2017

27 January             7 Fatal Flaws of Mentoring Programs and How to Avoid Them

24 February           How to Design your Mentoring Program

21 April                    How to Ensure Mentoring Meets Their Needs

12 May                      Is your Mentoring Program Sustainable?

2 June                      How to Evaluate Mentoring

28 July                     How to Make Your Business Case for Mentoring

25 August               How to Get the Mentoring Message Across (marketing strategy)

22 September      How to Make Great Matches – recruitment is key!

20 October            eMentoring

17 November        Is Your Mentoring Program in Danger of Fizzling Out?

1 December          Mentoring an Essential Leadership Skill

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Webinars run for up to one hour, starting at 9 Australian Eastern Standard Time (Sydney). They are interactive and I’ll respond to your questions on the topic. You can attend the live webinar for free. I’ve been helping organizations design and implement mentoring programs since 1994. I have worked with mentors and those who are mentored in Australia and overseas. I have reviewed many mentoring programs and seen what works and what doesn’t. Sign up here and you’ll receive notification of our free webinars, a free ebook Mentoring Demystified and informative articles in our newsletter.

View our latest webinar recording below

Customised Webinars We offer customised webinars on mentoring topics of your choice, at a time that suits you, no matter where you are. It’s like an in-house training without people leaving the workplace and with a recording available 24/7. Email: ann@mentoring-works.com or phone +61 2 4342 2610 for details and cost.

More Recorded Webinars You can access 20 webinar recordings, download 6 ebooks plus the manual, How to Design and Run Your Own Mentoring Program in the Fast Track Planning Pack for just AUD$99.00 Details here.

Next Webinar: eMentoring: Building Connections and Community Online   9am AEDT 20 October. Sydney is up to 14 hours ahead of some parts of the globe, it may be the day before where you are! Check your local time. Register now.

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Latest Webinar Recording: How to Make Great Matches

Download Handout: Checklist for Matching