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We’re back in 2020 with another series of free mentoring webinars! This year we’ll be focussing on the Mentor Mindset, Skills and Tools. Scroll down to view contents and register.

Webinars run for up to one hour, starting at 10am Australian Eastern Standard Time (Sydney). Please Note: here in Australia we are up to 14 hours ahead of many parts of the world. In America, Canada and Europe it will be the day before those listed here. To check your local time, click “show in my time zone” on the registration page.  They are interactive and I’ll respond to your questions on the topic. You can attend the live webinar for free.

Register for Webinars

Register 31 January         Strengths-based Development

  • Why – the benefits and advantages of strengths-based development
  • What we mean by strengths, and
  • How to recognise and develop strengths

Register 28 February   Mastering Motivation

  • Before motivation – basic needs
  • What gets in the way of performance?
  • Building drivers of motivation

Register 24 April          Mentoring: Guidelines for a Great Start

  • Scope and boundaries for a mentoring relationship
  • Phases in the relationship and what to expect
  • Mentor and mentee roles and responsibilities

Register 22 May          Mentoring Mindset

  • Build trust
  • Generate insight and open up possibilities
  • Empower mentees

Register 24 June          How to Lead a Mentoring Conversation

  • Why creating insight not giving advice is the mentor’s goal
  • How to lead a conversation to create insight and self-awareness
  • Four questions that mean you never have to worry about what to say next

Register 24 July           Listen Before You Ask, Ask Before You Tell

  • The Pareto Principle
  • Advanced listening skills
  • The secret of asking good questions

Register 21 August      How to Discover Values

  • How values are at play in choices, conflict and stress
  • Ways to align priorities and values
  • Tools to identify values

Register 25 September          How to Lead Learning

  • What’s missing in workplace learning
  • How mentoring adds value in 70, 20,10 learning
  • Best practice tips for mentors

Register 23 October    What to Talk About When There’s Nothing to Talk About

  • What do I do when there’s nothing to talk about?
  • How to create a meeting that mentees will value and look forward to?
  • What if there’s no problems or issues to discuss?

Register 20 November          Relationship Review

  • How and why the first “pulse-check” works
  • What to assess at the mid-point and end of a mentoring relationship
  • Where to from here?

Your Presenter

Hi, I’m Ann Rolfe

I’ve been helping organizations design and implement mentoring programs since 1994. I have worked with mentors and those who are mentored in Australia and overseas. I have reviewed many mentoring programs and seen what works and what doesn’t.

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