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Mentor Master Classes

Mentor Master Classes

Today we can’t leave mentoring to chance, we can’t be random, just hoping we do it well.


For the first time, you can purchase affordable resources to deliver the training your mentors need at an amazing introductory price of just AUD$99.00 per Master Class


That’s right! A purchase once, use for ever resource that you can use for as many participants as you wish, as often as you wish, within your program.


Drawn from 30 year’s experience working with executives, Mentor Master Classes help build the advanced skills and knowledge to build mastery in mentoring.


Each month, I’ll bring you a new Mentor Master Class full of tips and techniques that will help even highly-experienced mentors become more effective. You’ll get straight forward, self-paced learning plus an online forum for peer conversation.

How it Works


  1. I supply self-paced learning materials: an overview of the topic and why it’s important, plus a package of content to view in a short video, read as an ebook and process as discussion questions.


  1. After mentors have consumed the material, you lead a live learning event. You might run a webinar, video/teleconference or a face-to-face workshop.


  1. To follow-up, mentors can join my invitation-only group on LinkedIn up for ongoing conversations and questions, or you can set up your own in-house forum.


The best news is you can try before you buy! You can buy one Master Class or all 10 as they become available, knowing exactly what you’re getting.


There are 10 Mentor Master Classes lined up this year and you can try before you buy because the Master Class content will be delivered in my live webinars each month.  Come along and experience the exact content in the package as a live webinar. Live webinars will mostly take place on the first Fridays of the month at 10am. As a Mentoring Works subscriber, you can attend all the live webinars at no charge. You will automatically receive invitations and our newsletter. Not a subscriber? Sign up now.


Master Class Contents

These are the skills and topics we’ll cover:

  1. Why Master Mentoring?
  • The difference mentoring makes
  • C.E Mentoring
  • Overview of skills and Topics

Mentor Master Class 1 Why Master Mentoring is available now@ AUD$99 email me your order ann@mentoring-works.com


  1. Build Trust (March)
  • Cost/benefits of trust or the lack of it
  • Creating safe spaces
  • Brain science and better relationships


  1. Critical, Creative and Reflective Thinking (April)
  • Becoming skeptical of single-answer solutions
  • Challenging assumptions and exploring alternative perspectives
  • Active learning through personal relationships


  1. Leverage Learning (May)
  • How mentoring adds to every aspect of 70, 20,10
  • Discretionary learning
  • What’s missing in workplace learning


  1. Deep Listening (June)
  • Why listening is hard
  • What does it take to really hear?
  • Improve your skills in 28 days (or less)


  1. Masterful Questions (July)
  • Questions are the answer!
  • Better questions for meaningful conversation
  • Technique not interrogation


  1. Goal-getting (August)
  • The art and science of achieving goals
  • Using a goal map
  • Short-cuts to success


  1. Mastering Motivation (September)
  • What really motivates people?
  • Tapping their intrinsic motivators
  • Maintaining momentum and the secret strategy for success


  1. Building Resilience (October)
  • The tyranny of busy-ness and the myth of multitasking
  • Work-life balance or integration?
  • Manage stress or die!


  1. By Request – the topics, questions and issues do you want addressed (November)


Mentor Master Class 1 Why Master Mentoring is now available for purchase. Simply email your order to ann@mentoring-works.com, I’ll invoice you and your mentors can start using these new resources.


Terms and Conditions

You purchase once, use for ever, for as many participants as you wish, as often as you wish, within your program

Upon payment, you will receive the materials as:

  1. PDF worksheets and discussion questions
  2. PDF ebooks
  3. Videos – recorded audio visuals – code to embed on your own website or access via a password-protected Mentoring Works web-page.

You are purchasing a license to use the intellectual property within your mentoring program. The copyright remains with Mentoring Works.

You may not give, sell or present the material outside of the program you nominate.

You may not pass the work off as your own.

Your payment indicates agreement to these terms


Your Presenter

In Mentor Master Classes internationally acclaimed mentoring expert, and Mentoring Works founder, Ann Rolfe will share the knowledge she has gained over 20 years of working with mentors and mentees. Ann Rolfe is Australia’s most published author on mentoring. She has led mentoring programs in corporations and not-for-profits in fields as diverse as health, construction, energy, communications, education, law and government.

This is a unique opportunity to tap into the knowledge and skills

your managers and mentors need!