5 Ways to Recognise Strengths

5 Ways to Recognise Talents

Strengths are the unique combination of talents, knowledge, and skills that every person possesses. Everyone has natural talents just waiting to be developed, but most people don’t know the breadth of talents they have.


When people don’t recognise their talents, don’t have the opportunity to develop them into strengths and don’t use them to their advantage, they are less productive, less engaged at work and less satisfied with life than they could be.


However, there are clues to potential that are easy to spot when you know how. Here are five ways you can identify talents in yourself and others.


  1. Natural Personality


Talent is a pre-disposition, a natural part of your personality. Talents provide the raw materials you use in life and work. You are born with talents and they stay with you throughout life.


  1. Calling


Just as a plant grows toward the light, we are called to develop our talents, there’s a yearning a desire because talents must be nurtured and put to use if they are to grow into strengths.


  1. Rapid Learning


When you work in an area of natural talent, you pick things up quickly. You easily get the knack. You are interested, you look forward to learning more. You are excited developing skills and knowledge.


  1. Instinctive Response


You have an instinctive response, you don’t consciously go through a problem solving process, you somehow know what to do in the moment. You do well naturally in some situations.


  1. Energised


When you operate in your areas of natural talent and strength you gain immense satisfaction. You are invigorated, intrinsically motivated and productive.



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