7 Fun Facts to Strengthen Your Mentoring Program

Here are 7 Fun Facts about the Eiffel Tower and how you can use them to strengthen your mentoring program:


1.The base pillars are oriented to the four points of the compass. The base pillars of a mentoring program are: Planning your program, Promoting it, Preparing your participants and having a Program of support. I call the foundation the 4P method and you can download my award-winning model here.


2. Construction took 132 workers, 2 years 2 months and 5 days. Your program needs resources – people, time and money to build and sustain it.


3.Elevators travel on a curve – the first to ever do so. Mentoring has reinvented itself and you’ll need to innovate


4.The tower gets a new coat of paint every 7 years. Refresh your program regularly!


5.In 1909 it switched from gaslight to modern spotlights for illumination. Advancements will make previous technologies redundant – keep up!


6.The tower can sway up to 5 inches in strong winds and leans away from the sun. Build strength, flexibility and resilience into your program


7.It is a vital communication link with 120 antennae up top. Constant communication is critical to the success of your program

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