How to Lead a Mentoring Conversation

This article is an extract from the forthcoming book by Ann Rolfe, The Mentor’s Toolkit for Career Conversations. Look for it on Amazon in July 2021 Increasingly, mentoring is integral to a leader’s role and many organisations have mentoring programs. Yet most mentoring happens in informal relationships, as a series of ad hoc meetings or […]

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Why Mentoring is Essential Today

  The New Industrial Revolution Not since the First Industrial Revolution, have we seen such a dramatic change to the world of work. Prior to 1760, most employed people worked in agriculture with some family cottage industries producing goods for themselves and for sale. Then the steam engine and increased mechanization of spinning and weaving […]

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Improve Your Listening in 28 Days or Less

For the next 28 days I will post key points from the webinar and you can share your progress, challenges and get support Quick Quiz Rate yourself on each of the items below. Only you will see the result so you can be as honest as your self-awareness allows.  The rating scale is: 0 = Never, 1 […]

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Mentoring: Not a Fix or Favoritism

Mentoring: Not a Fix or Favoritism   A shift in the focus of mentoring is emerging and it’s one that, if we encourage it, will empower mentees and result in individual, organizational and social benefits.   A Deficit Model   A deficit model assumes something is wrong and that mentoring can fix it. This immediately […]

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5 Ways to Recognise Strengths

5 Ways to Recognise Talents Strengths are the unique combination of talents, knowledge, and skills that every person possesses. Everyone has natural talents just waiting to be developed, but most people don’t know the breadth of talents they have.   When people don’t recognise their talents, don’t have the opportunity to develop them into strengths and […]

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6 Ways to Mentor Your Team for Productivity

Would your team answer “yes” to these questions? If not, start mentoring them so they do.   We have a clear and compelling purpose. There is a reason to work together. We have a common goal, whether it is the solution to a particular problem, a challenge to be overcome or a contribution we make. […]

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How Mentors Stimulate Thinking and Better Judgment

      Social media isn’t the only place where opinions are passed of as fact, wrong or misleading information is convincingly delivered and conclusions are jumped to on the basis of false, shaky or non-existent evidence.   Newspapers, politicians, gossips and well-meaning but ill-informed people have been doing it for ever. The internet and […]

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Trust – What Does It Take?

  I regularly have a blood test and I’ve never thought twice about offering my arm to the nurse who swabs the area, finds a vein, inserts a needle and draws three tubes of the red stuff. She’s always respectful, professional and competent, friendly too. In Australia, UK and USA, nurses top the list of […]

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How to Prevent Unrealistic Expectations of Mentoring Part 4: Communicate & Educate

  This is part 4 of a four-part series to help you design a successful mentoring program. Our “4P” model of mentoring strategy (below) has been used for award-winning mentoring programs with Family and Community Services and Juvenile Justice in NSW as well as many others. Developing a program to prevent unrealistic expectations at all levels […]

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How to Prevent Unrealistic Expectations of Mentoring Part 3 Design

In Part 1: Start With Why, I wrote about discussing the strategic direction for mentoring with your senior decision-makers. Part 2 Needs Analysis and Consultation focused on understanding what a particular group really need from mentoring in order to achieve the outcomes you want.   Now you are ready to design a mentoring program brings […]

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