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What Motivates Mentors?

There are two main types of mentors, Leonie Stanfield, of Careertalk, suggested when we discussed this recently, mentoring from competence or mentoring for challenge. The majority mentor from competence, sharing their expertise. Stanfield, who is completing her masters in career development, believes that mentoring from competence reinforces the mentor’s self-image as a good listener and […]

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Why You Need To Train People For Mentoring

The purpose of training is to enable mentors and mentorees to establish effective relationships. Some programs simply introduce people and leave them to “get on with it”. Occasionally, this works. But people need to know what is expected of them, how to go about it and why it is important and you need to be […]

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Get Strategic!

Post GFC, you need to be confident that any investment will produce the return promised and be a secure and wise use of your funds. The resources you put into mentoring will add to your triple bottom line but only if you are strategic in its planning and implementation. Why Mentoring Now? It is vital […]

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Thanksgiving has an historical basis that is not unique to the USA. Most cultures give thanks in an annual harvest festival. The work of cultivating, sowing and tending fields is needed to produce the necessities of life. What did you plant, nurture, grow and gather, this year? At this time of year, it is worthwhile […]

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