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Complimentary Mentoring Videos For Your Phone

A Minute on Mentoring App Here’s some really exciting news … we’ve created a phone “app” for our A Minute On Mentoring series of videos and it’s yours absolutely free! This is my gift to you, and you can share it with all those you want to reach with mentoring. This is genuinely free, there’s no catch, […]

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Delivering Mentoring Remotely

Here is a question asked by a webinar participant recently. It was beyond the scope of the webinar on The Role Of The Mentor (you can view the recording here http://mentoring-works.com/webinars.html) so I promised to answer here in the blog. “My question was around the issue of the capacity to deliver the mentoring process over […]

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InternationaL Mentoring Association – Australia & New Zealand Chapter

I have made a vow that next time I go to a conference, I’ll stay in my hotel room (or by the pool) for two days afterwards to review all the great material and ideas and follow-up all the people I met! It’s too easy to lose the value if you don’t capture and act […]

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Why You Need To Train People For Mentoring

The purpose of training is to enable mentors and mentorees to establish effective relationships. Some programs simply introduce people and leave them to “get on with it”. Occasionally, this works. But people need to know what is expected of them, how to go about it and why it is important and you need to be […]

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Get Strategic!

Post GFC, you need to be confident that any investment will produce the return promised and be a secure and wise use of your funds. The resources you put into mentoring will add to your triple bottom line but only if you are strategic in its planning and implementation. Why Mentoring Now? It is vital […]

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Rest, recreation and reflection, that’s what I’m looking forward to over the next few weeks, how about you? These three “R’s” are imperative to our well-being and productivity and they ought to be a part of every day not just holidays! Here’s why … Rest, not just sleep but physical relaxation, maybe letting someone else […]

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Thanksgiving has an historical basis that is not unique to the USA. Most cultures give thanks in an annual harvest festival. The work of cultivating, sowing and tending fields is needed to produce the necessities of life. What did you plant, nurture, grow and gather, this year? At this time of year, it is worthwhile […]

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Vincent asks:

Vincent’s Question: Recently a well established professional’s organization (one that I pay yearly dues for) connected me with a mentor as part of their offering. As it turned out, the mentor was not commited to what I consider the special relationship of mentor / mentee. After about a month of initial conversation, his interest was […]

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