Manager As Mentor

In an ideal world all managers would be mentoring, but the reality is many don’t. Why?

Perhaps they don’t see it as a priority

Maybe they don’t see the value

Quite likely, they are not sure how to change to a mentoring style

If you want to change their views, behaviour and skills you’ll need to begin with educating them. Here’s how:

A purchase once, use for ever resource that you can use for as many participants as you wish, as often as you wish, within your program. Drawn from 30 year’s experience working with executives, Manager as Mentor learning modules help build the advanced skills and knowledge to build mentoring behaviours. Help even experienced managers become more effective mentors. You’ll get straight forward, self-paced learning.

Purchase affordable resources to deliver the education your managers need at just AUD$220.00 per learning module. Download order form here: MaM Order Form

How it Works

  1. I supply self-paced learning materials: an overview of the topic and why it’s important, plus a package of content to view in a short video, read as an ebook and process as discussion questions.
  1. After managers have consumed the material, you lead a live learning event. You might run a webinar, video/teleconference or a face-to-face workshop.
  1. Follow-up with your own in-house forum, online Q&A or network.

There are 10 Manager as Mentor learning modules available now. Download the MaM Order Form


  1. Why Managers Must Also Mentor
  • The differences between managers who mentor and those that don’t
  • How millennials make mentoring essential, and
  • What managers can do to begin their mentoring relationship
  1. Leading Learning in the Workplace
  • What’s missing in workplace learning
  • How mentoring adds to every aspect of 70, 20,10
  • Discretionary learning
  1. How Do You  Make Time to Mentor?
  • Shifting priorities – your role as a manager
  • How mentoring saves time – do the math
  • 4 ways to make more time available
  1. A Structure for Mentoring Conversations
  • The Mentoring Dynamic
  • 4 Core Questions
  • Mentoring Moments
  1. Listen Well
  • Why listening is hard
  • What does it take to really hear?
  • Improve your skills in 28 days (or less)
  1. Good Question!
  • Questions are the answer!
  • Better questions for meaningful conversation
  • Technique not interrogation
  1. Improving Performance With Feedback
  • The Magic Ratio
  • 3 Types of feedback
  • When, where and How
  1. Mastering Motivation 
  • What really motivates people?
  • Tapping their intrinsic motivators
  • Maintaining momentum and the secret strategy for success
  1. Strengths-based Development
  • Why building and using strengths not fixing weaknesses is the key to performance
  • How to develop strengths
  • How to manage weaknesses
  1. Build Resilience
  • What is resilience?
  • How to build resilience


Manager as Mentor modules now available for purchase. Simply download MaM Order Form email me your order, ann@ mentoring-works.com  I’ll invoice you and your mentors can start using these new resources.

Terms and Conditions

You purchase once, use for ever, for as many participants as you wish, as often as you wish, within your program

Upon payment, you will receive the materials as:

  1. PDF worksheets and discussion questions
  2. PDF ebooks
  3. Videos – recorded audio visuals – code to embed on your own website or access via a password-protected Mentoring Works web-page.

You are purchasing a license to use the intellectual property within your mentoring program. The copyright remains with Mentoring Works.

You may not give, sell or present the material outside of the program you nominate.

You may not pass the work off as your own.

Your payment indicates agreement to these terms.

Your Presenter

In Manager as Mentor, internationally acclaimed mentoring expert, and Mentoring Works founder, Ann Rolfe will share the knowledge she has gained over 20 years of working with mentors and mentees. Ann Rolfe is Australia’s most published author on mentoring. She has led mentoring programs in corporations and not-for-profits in fields as diverse as health, construction, energy, communications, education, law and government.

This is a unique opportunity to tap into the knowledge and skills

your managers and mentors need!

Try Before You Buy

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Live webinars take place 10am Sydney time. Remember Australia is up to 14 hours ahead of some parts of the world, it may still be Thursday where you are, so just click “show in my time zone” on the registration page.