Master Class Package Special Offer


10 Master Class Learning Modules

Each Mentor Master Class Module includes

  1. Videothat you can host on your own website or have participants access through the Mentoring Works website
  2. ebooks to reproduce or have participants download
  3. Worksheets with discussion questions for individual or group

Unlimited use within your mentoring program – buy once, use forever!

Bonus: Order all 10 Master Classes and receive Strengths-based Development and Mastering Motivation FREE!



Mentor Master Classes are full of tips and techniques that will help even highly experienced mentors become more effective. You get straight forward, self-paced learning and content that you can use to facilitate mentor discussion sessions.

Purchase affordable resources to deliver the training your mentors need.

That’s right! A purchase once, use for ever resource that you can use for as many participants as you wish, as often as you wish, within your program.

Here’s what’s included in each Master Class:

  1. Video

This is a recorded audio visual, based on the content of the live webinar, made from slides and audio narration.

Code is provided so that you can embed the video onto your website for participants to view. If you prefer, you can have the URL and password for participants to view it on the Mentoring Works website.

  1. eBook

This document includes all the information from the webinar and video and many of the visuals for ease of reference. It is designed for on-screen reading but can be printed if you wish.

The ebook is provided as a PDF that you can distribute to participants.

  1. Worksheet

This PDF has discussion questions for participants to reflect upon or discuss as a group.

Mentor Master Class Titles

  1. Why Master Mentoring?
  2. Build Trust
  3. A Structure for Mentoring Conversations
  4. How Do You Find the Time to Mentor?
  5. How Mentors Leverage Learning
  6. Critical, Creative and Reflective Thinking
  7. Listen Well
  8. Good Question!
  9. Goal-getting
  10. Hidden Talent

Bonus! Order all 10 Master Classes and receive Strengths-based Development and Mastering Motivation free

If you’ve attended my live webinars you know how good this material is and you know you’re getting great value for an amazingly low investment!

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Ann Rolfe is internationally recognised as Australia's leading specialist in mentoring, and is available for speaking, training and consulting. Here Ann shares her knowledge and allows you to ask your most pressing questions about mentoring.

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