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We’re back in 2021 with another series of free mentoring webinars! 

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Webinars are run on Zoom Meetings. They are interactive, you’ll be able to share and see participant comments in real time. There will be polls, and breakout rooms for small group discussions with your peers from around the world. I’ll also respond to your questions on the topic. If you can’t attend the live webinar register anyway and you’ll receive a link to the recording.

Webinars go for 90 minutes, starting at 10am Australian Eastern Standard or Daylight Savings Time (Sydney). Please Note: here in Australia we are up to 14 hours ahead of many parts of the world. In America, Canada and Europe it will be the day before those listed here. So check your local time. 

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Goal Getting   22 January. Register Now

  • Map your goal
  • Apply 9 techniques shown to increase goal achievement
  • Learn a simple hack to keep your goals front-of-mind

Why Mentoring is Essential in Workplaces 26 February. Register Now 

  • We are all mentors
  • The difference mentoring makes
  • What you can do to begin

How to Lead a Mentoring Conversation  26 March. Register Now

  • The mentoring dynamic
  • A framework for conversation
  • Practical applications

Build Trust 23 April. Register Now

  • Cost/benefits of building trust in the workplace
  • Behaviours and skills to build trust
  • Brain science for better relationships

Critical, Creative and Reflective Thinking  28 May. Register Now

  • Lead reflective conversations
  • Stimulate thinking and better judgment
  • Build a learning mindset for a multi-career future

Listen Well  25 June. Register Now  

  • Why listening is hard
  • What does it take to really hear?
  • Improve your skills in 28 days (or less)

Good Questions  30 July. Register Now

  • Why questions are critical
  • Key Questions in a mentoring conversation
  • More you can do with questions
  • The art of asking

 Improving Performance with Feedback. 27 August. Register Now

  • Getting the ratio of positive and corrective feedback right
  • 3 Types of feedback
  • When, where and how to give feedback

Motivation – a Modern Take 24 September. Register Now     

  • Before motivation – basic needs
  • What gets in the way of performance?
  • Building drivers of motivation

Leading Learning in the Workplace  29 October. Register Now      

  • What’s missing in workplace learning
  • How mentoring adds value in 70, 20,10 learning
  • Best practice tips for mentors

Strengths-based Development. 26 November. Register Now              

  • Why building and using strengths not fixing weaknesses is the key to performance
  • How to develop strengths
  • How to manage weaknesses 

Your Presenter

Hi, I’m Ann Rolfe

I’ve been helping organizations design and implement mentoring programs since 1994. I have worked with mentors and those who are mentored in Australia and overseas. I have reviewed many mentoring programs and seen what works and what doesn’t.

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