Mentoring Videos 

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  1. Do You Need A Mentor or a Coach?
  2. What Does Mentoring Offer?
  3. Mentoring – Much More Than A Myth
  4. 5 Reasons Mentoring Relationships Fail and How To Make Sure Yours Doesn’t
  5. Plan Your Mentoring Program
  6. What Mentoring Has To Offer Nurses
  7. Conversations That Create Insight
  8. What Mentoring Can Do For You
  9. Benefits For Mentors
  10. How To Mentor
  11. DARE to Lead

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What Does Mentoring Offer?

Mentoring – Much More Than A Myth (4.5 minutes)

What is mentoring? Where did the word “mentoring” originate? How is mentoring used in the workplace? Get the answers in this short video from mentoring maven, Ann Rolfe.

5 Reasons Mentoring Relationships Fail and How to Make Sure yours Doesn’t (3 minutes)

Common things that go wrong and the 5 steps you can take to set yourself up for success in your mentoring relationship.

Mentoring – Plan Your Program! (1 minute)

Can you answer these fifteen questions? If not get the whiteboard out – you need to plan for mentoring success!

What Does Mentoring Offer Nurses? (3 minutes 37 seconds)

Check out the advantages and benefits of mentoring for nurses – or any professionals!

 A Minute On Mentoring 1. Conversations That Create Insight (1m 14s)

A modern description of mentoring that takes less than a minute? Be surprised at how much information is packed into A Minute on Mentoring

A Minute On Mentoring 2 What Mentoring Can Do For you (1m 21s)

Wondering what you can gain from mentoring? This one-minute mentoring shows what you can expect.

A Minute On Mentoring 3 Benefits For Mentors (1 m 7s)

Why do mentors so often say they get much from mentoring as those they mentor? A minute on mentoring tell why.

A Minute On Mentoring 4 How to Mentor (3m 26s)

Short but profound, this video spells out the basics of how to mentor!

DARE to Lead

Many nurses have leadership capabilities that go unrecognised or underutilised in their workplace. So what’s stopping them? The Australian Medicare Local Alliance research project Nurse Leadership — Barriers and Enablers identified the issues and what you can do about them. This session introduces a leadership framework for nurses that incorporates the five elements of leadership in a caring environment and allows nurses to take stock of where their leadership capability is evident, where they want to apply it and how their networks and mentoring works to support them.