Participant Feedback From: Making Mentoring Work – Eight Keys To SuccessWomen In Engineering 11 September 2012

“Raised important issues which were previously dismissed”

Melanie, Student, University of New South Wales

“Very insightful; some positive reinforcement of what we’re doing and some lessons learnt!”

James Phillis, Chair Centre For Engineering, Leadership & Management.

“Thank you for your talk! I thought it was very clear and informative.


“Very clear and succinct with short, informative and action orientated sound bites.”

Althea Davey

“Good and practical presentation on the essence of mentoring!”

Shih Chin Chai, Planner, NBN

“The session was very informative and provided a great overview of mentoring. I got some ideas on how to improve my mentoring relationship.”

Uchitha W, Radio Design Manager, RailCorp

“Thank you very much, a very good, concise and informative presentation.

Julie Mikhail, Sustainment Ops. Manager, DMO

“Excellent presentation and ideas for mentoring”

Sherry Moghadassi, Senior Engineer, DMO

“Well presented, positive addition to the WIE program”


“Concise and informative presentation. Thanks!”

Georgenna Maladalus

“Ann has very insightful ideas for how to get the most out of a mentoring relationship. I made so many notes on how to improve my mentoring and how to ensure a successful relationship.”

Tamara Pery, Mechanical Engineer, Thales Australia

“Great interaction and insightful information”

Cynthis Lai, Student, University of New South Wales

“Very clear and concisely presented. Extremely informative”


“Excellent session. Good reflections and lots of thoughts.”

Sheena Sivaprasad, Manage Lean Six Sigma, RailCorp

“Very insightful and informative which gave me a greater understanding of the value of a successful mentoring relationship.”

Evelyn Viengkhou, Student, University of New South Wales

“Great presentation, good interaction with a silent audience”


“Clarified the purpose and structure of mentoring for me. Highlighted the need to set goals for the relationship.”


Participant Feedback From: Develop Your Mentoring Strategy.  International Mentoring Association, a one-day workshop in the USA in March 2012

“I loved the workshop! Great Information for improving the mentoring program”

Andrea Williams, Intern Program Coordinator, US Navy.

“Her written works are Insightful, interpreted live and in person by Ann herself they are brilliant – what a facilitator!”

Roxanne Reeves PhD(c)

“An engaging day, Ann was able to assist me in breaking down the design steps necessary to implement a mentoring program into manageable pieces”

Michelle Brosseall, Labour Relations Officer, Ontario Nurses Assoc.

“Great workshop, love the tools provided all will be extremely useful as we continue to build our mentoring program”

Pat Caldwell, Labour Relations Officer, Ontario Nurses Assoc.

“The session has widened my horizon, enriched and consequently deepened my understanding of the science and the art of mentoring. It is a complex process but indeed liberating. It humanizes the mentor and the mentee!”

Dr. Severina Villegas, Ed D in Educational Administration.

“I came to the conference with absolutely no background in designing a mentoring program. Now I have a framework to use for implementing the program in my high school.”

Cessy Mallory, Principal Intern

“My Aha moment is now that I know the right questions to ask my mentoring program consultants”.

Keenam Smith, Assistant Director, City of Columbus.

“Amazing workshop…truly beneficial to launching a program”

TJ Anderson, Director Financial Planning and analysis, Chep.

“Ann Rolfe’s ‘Planning Your Mentoring Program’ is well worth the investment – both time and money. Her expertise and knowledge of mentoring is superb and I came away with a wonderful understanding of how to implement a successful program.”

Cindy Simpson, Director, Association for Women In Science

 Participant Feedback From:The Mentoring Conversation.  Australian National University 28 June 2007. One-hour Presentation

“Very polished and yet content rich and fun – even exhilarating.”

Paul Stewart, Associate Director, HR, Australian National University

“Reinforcing the relationship between mentor and mentoree and the differences between coaching and mentoring.”

Sally Webster, Business Manager, Australian National University

“This was a snappy, refreshing confirmation of a process that has been part of my professional life for years.”

Dr. Malcolm Pettigrove, Australian National University

“Excellent course, the technique of delivery that draws out people is very effective and engaging.”

Rana Ganguly, School Manager RSSE, Australian National University

“It was a good overview. It was interesting with the 80:20 rule of time and understanding the coach and mentor role.”

George Lovrincevic, Project Officer, Australian National University

“One hour session short sharp and precise but a wealth of learning occurred.”

Gary Frontin, Staff Developent Consultant, Australian National University

“I loved the insight to hindsight to get somewhere. Mentoring is undervalued as a mechanism for external focus to grow experience.”

Marie Wensing, Australian National University

“Key outcome identified that we all need a mentor – no matter how senior or experienced we are.”

Karen Bail, Manager, Policy & Workplace Development, Australian National University

“I thought the session was great – but where am I going to find a mentor myself – I need one too!”

Mardi Savill, Accountant, Australian National University

“An amazingly entertaining presentation that delivered some real insights into the benefits of mentoring and the mentoring process.”

Samantha Gilbert, Australian National University

“Ann, this was a very informative and concise session. Thank you, most useful.”

Andrew Wilson, Australian National University